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Oh Jakarta

CHRIS EVANThis month, Charlie Chris Evan, formerly a lawyer but now works as a tattoo artist and activist returns with a photo and a poem for Utarakan Jakarta

Oh Jakarta

Here I am gasping for air
As I stumble in time
Raging, relentlessly
Though in my heart there is only gloom

Dust, invisible dust
But clear before the projector
Presenting random patterns
Of stories passing in time

Oh Jakarta
Foreign surrounds, alien sounds
Oh Jakarta
Hazy senses, vague reminiscence


Sonnet for Jakarta

Freyke KosakoyFreyke is a commercial photographer, runner and on also love to cook and eat out in his spare time. Being originally from Balikpapan, today Freyke shares his feeling of being a Jakartan through this sonnet.

Sonnet for Jakarta

Waves of horns and hectic machines,
Dissolve within ambitions and restless hope,
Uppish sun, pinching before the grey screen,
Make it harder to breathe in between the heat rope.

Oh, this is none but a giant stage,
Where everyone seeks for the main role,
Bring all to the table, and left the beast uncaged,
Denied by they own self, clowns on patrol.

Refuse to weathered, he stood still against it,
Put all the good deeds and he keeps moving,
He also had been enchanted by it, bit by bit,
And a promise to cast a clear blue sky morning.

I still put my hope in you, Jakarta, my o’ my,
Fresh new air and stories to share, you and i.
Freyke Kosakoy
Photos by Freyke Kosakoy.