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Harmony by Yogi

utarakan-jakarta-Harmony-01(1)Yogi Kusuma is a photographer, Digital Imaging Artist and a teacher. To Utarakan Jakarta, Yogi wants to tell a story about his observation on garbage and soil during rainy season.

“A process of witnessing colourful and strikingly smelly daily objects that aren`t rare to be found in every remaining corner. Getting closer to see and then to spot on which my feet would stay away. Spending time to filter based on traits and categories from the objects that are never willing to make peace with natural process.

It`s not a brand new knowledge if we want to contribute a little time and give positive energy to take care of the land where we live on, in which afterwards we will obtain harmony as we create, eventually we will be grateful for rainy season.”
Photo by Yogi Kusuma

The danger of being a motorbike rider

YOU - FitriI am Fitri. A social media officer and photographer in between.

I ride motorbike in Jakarta since 4 years ago from home to the campus and now office. I would like to tell you a story on being a motorbike rider in Jakarta’s roads. In the name of a much better public transportation without traffic in the future that they have been constructing at the moment, I noticed that Jakarta’s road potholes are getting worst lately. It doesn’t matter on a rainy or sunny day, we, as the motorbike riders must be really careful with this condition due to its number and sizes that often surprised us when they almost caused us accidents.

Especially on a rainy day when we can not see and predict the depth of those potholes. Once two of my friends losing their balance since those potholes are covered with water on rainy night. So dangerous! Therefore I certainly can not wait not only those constructions to be finished but also Jakartan government to start repairing these roads that I take daily so there will be no more accidents happens on the street.
YOU - Fitri

Outdoor and Indoor are Both Fun

gbr1Sophia Rengganis is a tax consultant who also loves art and photography.

I am fond of malls, just like any other Jakartans. However, I also enjoy to be in open space areas especially on the weekends; simply to exercise or have a picnic with friends.

I wish that both malls and open space areas aren’t just identically crowded, but hoping that the amount of those two places is also equally abundant. And the more green open spaces exist, meaning that there will be more areas of absorption that are now getting less in Jakarta. That’s actually why Jakarta is risky to flood.

So, this weekend why don’t you try to take a walk to parks or other public spaces? It can also be fun!gbr2