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200 kilo water

uj1Hi I’m Agatha Lauria, an illustrator and DKV student. My harbor view campus is in North Jakarta. It is a beautiful, I love looking at the water.

I have been living in Jakarta for 15 years, though, I am not familiar with the seller of clean water. I have never had to buy it from them. To many people in this city they are hero’ s. Every day, they carry heavy carts stacked with jerrycans of water to many citizens of Jakarta.

Does it look heavy to you too? Here is a bit of maths: one 20 liter jerrycan of water is generally sold at Rp 2,500. The carts usually contain 10-12 jerrycans. If the unit of a liter water is synchronized with a unit of kilograms, the weight of the cart is at least 200 kilograms.

I could say me and my friends have nothing to do with this, because we have unlimited access to clean water. I have to admit, we sometimes even waste water.

uj2However, now we know how hard it is for water to be distributed and obtained. We will appreciate having access to clean water more and be more aware of wasting water. No more washing money down the drain by us. How? To use water as effectively as possible when washing hands for example. Turn off the water when rubbing your hands with soap. When finished scrubbing, turn on the water again. What more can you think of my friends?