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Rain is expensive

adina 02IMG_0356_1Photo credit Indira Kifani

Today working mom Andina Septia, shares her story on Jakarta’ s traffic.
Hello, I’m Dina, a working mom who uses public transportation every day. I have to drive my car as far as 10 km to  get to the Train Station. On a good day it takes me 1,5 hours travel time from home to work. But longer to get home.
Are humans multiplying themselves when the sun sets? It’s so weird. Anyway, I think I get used to Jakarta’s traffic jam.
I learned to enjoy the time spent in the middle of polluted air and the noise. But I cannot get used to the many disadvantages I see when traveling home. I once witnessed a robbery right in front of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything. I was frozen and my breath stopped. All I could do was telling the misfortunate lady I was sorry her phone was stolen.
When it comes to raining season, everything is chaotic. You need to be prepared with the flood, or extra time to get home. Sometimes, the train signal can be broken; no trains to get you home. This happened to me so many times, you just get used to find another way to get you home safely. I tell you, it was never easy to get alternatives years ago. The only reasonable thing
–in terms of cost, is asking as many friends to get a taxi and pay collectively. But now, there are so many choices. Like, you can order Ojek with an app, or you can search someone in social media who willingly share their seats but we pay the toll and gas in exchange. And yes, you need extra budget for that. Sigh, rain is expensive.

Ms Tjiang sings her heart out

Video by Ms Tijang
Ariyanti Tjiang was born and lives in the North of Jakarta.
At the end of the year she experiences some kind of restlessness because it’s the beginning of the rainy season. As a north Jakartan, she is mentally ready to move fast and ready for the impending dangers of flood; from collecting food to keep during the flood, up to elevate the streets in front of the house. For those whose house is not high enough or it has no loft, just be prepare to evacuate. “I really love to turn my restlessness into a song rather than keep complaining about it.  This song is my way of talking to God as the creator and owner of this universe.”

Lyrics: A song for the Owner
The Owner of the air and the sky
Provide us with enough rain
But don’t be mad and angry to us
Heaven is a place on earth
Save (the world)..
Hang on…
AriTjiang#2 AriTjiang#1
Photo credit private material Ms Tijang

Jakarta Serendipities

Selatan Jakarta 2
Photo credit Ridzki Noviansyah
Ridzki Noviansyah is a photography practitioner, editor and freelance writer. He loves photography books and enjoys a good conversation.

The street as a public space, filled with people and the interaction between them, is one of the best places to practice photography. Especially, when that public place are Jakarta’s streets -where according to a friend- human’s civilization is put to test. As a photographer I often notice the smallest of details; ones that could provide me with little happiness as well. They call it serendipity; pleasant surprises or a series of incidents that happen coincidentally. I can understand people complain about Jakarta, however, I feel, regardless of the trouble we have, there are so many serendipitous moments that can make you happy. A blue sky, that appears randomly or the rain that destroys so many people’s planning. I like those serendipitous moments. I would wait for them to happen rather than chasing after them. It’ s like magic when it happens at the time you least expect it. It will temporarely make you forget that you’re living in Jakarta. A city full of problems like flood, social issues and wealth gaps.

Contact Ridzki at a.ridzki@gmail.com and follow his instagram at @ridzkiJakarta__June_2014. (3)