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I Wangsit, I am a Northern kid

ilustrasi_utarakan-JakartaWangsit is an art director, toy collector, and a Batik and Japanese Pop Culture Enthusiast. He lives in Sunter, North Jakarta.
“I am Wangsit, I am a Northern kid. Words and perception shall not deter me from living and breathing. Perhaps the tall water will make me uneasy. That water came without warning. Often I start my day with friendly sunshine and I welcome the night with water as high as my ankles. I tried to sleep beneath my room’s ceiling, only to wake up in the morning, to peek through the window and to indeed find my friend; the tall water, already waiting for me. I am water, I am safe inside it. It lifts my weight, and it cleans me. However, this time, the water scares me. Water is what I carry on my shoulders and it destroys everything ahead of it. I am Wangsit, I am a Northern kid. I walked through the murky water full of floating particles so bizarre I don’t even want to know what they are. I walked towards my house, with the water splashing on my chest. I carry all my belongings high on my shoulder. I carried on because the comfort of my bed is waiting for me.
I am Wangsit, I am a Northern kid and I am part of Utarakan Jakarta.”

Video and illustration by Wangsit Firmantika.
Follow him in Instagram at @wangsitfirmantika.

One day in Gunung Sahari

20151111_102100Photo credit Basuki Rachmat

Mr. Basuki Rachmat, is a civil servant in the Regional Disaster Management Agency of Jakarta also active in various humanitarian activities. His hobby and passion; collecting data and documenting various information about flooding in Jakarta.
“I was disturbed when I saw Jalan Gunung Sahari often flooded. I wondered what was happening; it turns out that -aside from the rainfall- the flood water from the Ciliwung river connected with the sea caused by high tides, the river surface of the Ciliwung also increases. Apart from that; I noticed that the west side of the Ciliwung, which is mostly used for the business center, better adjusts to these conditions than the east side. Unfortunately this side is the densely populated area of the basin. This is the reason why a 2 meters high wall along both sides is currently being build. In terms of aesthetic; it may not be that interesting or some might even call it ugly, perhaps this is the only option to protect Gunung Sahari from drowning.”IMG-20151111-WA0013

Fatahillah, heart of the city

_20151029_163628Nugraha Pratama is an urban sketcher with a special love for Kota Tua.
“Have you ever really paid attention to the detail of the Stadhuis Plein area that we now call Taman Fatahillah? Once all the citizens of Batavia gathered here; it functioned as a public announcement area by the local government back then. If Taman Fatahillah was big enough to accommodate the entire population of Batavia, compare that with Jakarta’ s population today! Now, pay attention to the other buildings in this area and their functions back then. Museum Fatahillah; the center of the government office, Wayang Museum; once was a church, Bank Indonesia Museum; used to be De Javasche Bank and many more other historic buildings. In short; this was the elite area back then. And now? Look what happened to it.
Fortunately the Old City area will be revitalized again into a vibrant area with many historical value in it.”


Less water, more plants

2015-09-10-13.48.20Ika Vantiani is a creative worker living in a nest that she called Halo Radio where she makes stuff, running workshops and taking care a small nursery under its window.
“I always love plants especially the one with plenty of leafs, but not until I moved to our present nest that I start to collect and nurture them seriously. I have plenty of succulent, cactus and potho’s in several varieties. Because of the water consumption for this nursery increases every day, I try to recycle more from inside of our nest to fulfill this need. From dish washing water, leaked water from the AC even from the water inside their planters sometimes. I become very cautious with our water consumption now.
Because apparently, the deep ground water extraction to fulfill our massive daily water need is one of the main reason for Jakarta land subsidence. In the North now it’s already like 25 cm per year. I live in the South, but if Jakarta sinking that means all of us in Jakarta is drowning, right? Scary!”

Photo credit Rangga Kuzuma