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Oh Jakarta

CHRIS EVANThis month, Charlie Chris Evan, formerly a lawyer but now works as a tattoo artist and activist returns with a photo and a poem for Utarakan Jakarta

Oh Jakarta

Here I am gasping for air
As I stumble in time
Raging, relentlessly
Though in my heart there is only gloom

Dust, invisible dust
But clear before the projector
Presenting random patterns
Of stories passing in time

Oh Jakarta
Foreign surrounds, alien sounds
Oh Jakarta
Hazy senses, vague reminiscence


Sonnet for Jakarta

Freyke KosakoyFreyke is a commercial photographer, runner and on also love to cook and eat out in his spare time. Being originally from Balikpapan, today Freyke shares his feeling of being a Jakartan through this sonnet.

Sonnet for Jakarta

Waves of horns and hectic machines,
Dissolve within ambitions and restless hope,
Uppish sun, pinching before the grey screen,
Make it harder to breathe in between the heat rope.

Oh, this is none but a giant stage,
Where everyone seeks for the main role,
Bring all to the table, and left the beast uncaged,
Denied by they own self, clowns on patrol.

Refuse to weathered, he stood still against it,
Put all the good deeds and he keeps moving,
He also had been enchanted by it, bit by bit,
And a promise to cast a clear blue sky morning.

I still put my hope in you, Jakarta, my o’ my,
Fresh new air and stories to share, you and i.
Freyke Kosakoy
Photos by Freyke Kosakoy.

From Graanpakhuis to truckstop

Graanpakhuizen - REMIKON(1)Nugraha Pratama is an urban sketcher with a special love for Kota Tua.
“At Jalan Tongkol, Kota Tua (Jakarta’s Old Town) is an area that belongs to the Indonesian army. Four long warehouses in two paralel lines but three of them are destroyed. In this warehouse the VOC kept all its foodstuff: rice, peas, beans, peanuts and biscuits.

The oldest godown the one that I’ve already sketched was constructed mid-17th century. The other three were built between 1748 and 1759. I have read in ‘Historical Sites of Jakarta’ by Adolf Heuken that one door shows a stone with the year 1752 on it.

These warehouses were built within the eastern city wall. Between Bastion Amsterdam and Bastion Robijn. This is the last remaining city wall that still raised but it’s not in good condition.

This area is now a truck parking area. So its not easy to sketch the architecture of Graanpakhuizen”Graanpakhuizen Gudang Timur(1)

Harmony by Yogi

utarakan-jakarta-Harmony-01(1)Yogi Kusuma is a photographer, Digital Imaging Artist and a teacher. To Utarakan Jakarta, Yogi wants to tell a story about his observation on garbage and soil during rainy season.

“A process of witnessing colourful and strikingly smelly daily objects that aren`t rare to be found in every remaining corner. Getting closer to see and then to spot on which my feet would stay away. Spending time to filter based on traits and categories from the objects that are never willing to make peace with natural process.

It`s not a brand new knowledge if we want to contribute a little time and give positive energy to take care of the land where we live on, in which afterwards we will obtain harmony as we create, eventually we will be grateful for rainy season.”
Photo by Yogi Kusuma

The danger of being a motorbike rider

YOU - FitriI am Fitri. A social media officer and photographer in between.

I ride motorbike in Jakarta since 4 years ago from home to the campus and now office. I would like to tell you a story on being a motorbike rider in Jakarta’s roads. In the name of a much better public transportation without traffic in the future that they have been constructing at the moment, I noticed that Jakarta’s road potholes are getting worst lately. It doesn’t matter on a rainy or sunny day, we, as the motorbike riders must be really careful with this condition due to its number and sizes that often surprised us when they almost caused us accidents.

Especially on a rainy day when we can not see and predict the depth of those potholes. Once two of my friends losing their balance since those potholes are covered with water on rainy night. So dangerous! Therefore I certainly can not wait not only those constructions to be finished but also Jakartan government to start repairing these roads that I take daily so there will be no more accidents happens on the street.
YOU - Fitri

Outdoor and Indoor are Both Fun

gbr1Sophia Rengganis is a tax consultant who also loves art and photography.

I am fond of malls, just like any other Jakartans. However, I also enjoy to be in open space areas especially on the weekends; simply to exercise or have a picnic with friends.

I wish that both malls and open space areas aren’t just identically crowded, but hoping that the amount of those two places is also equally abundant. And the more green open spaces exist, meaning that there will be more areas of absorption that are now getting less in Jakarta. That’s actually why Jakarta is risky to flood.

So, this weekend why don’t you try to take a walk to parks or other public spaces? It can also be fun!gbr2

200 kilo water

uj1Hi I’m Agatha Lauria, an illustrator and DKV student. My harbor view campus is in North Jakarta. It is a beautiful, I love looking at the water.

I have been living in Jakarta for 15 years, though, I am not familiar with the seller of clean water. I have never had to buy it from them. To many people in this city they are hero’ s. Every day, they carry heavy carts stacked with jerrycans of water to many citizens of Jakarta.

Does it look heavy to you too? Here is a bit of maths: one 20 liter jerrycan of water is generally sold at Rp 2,500. The carts usually contain 10-12 jerrycans. If the unit of a liter water is synchronized with a unit of kilograms, the weight of the cart is at least 200 kilograms.

I could say me and my friends have nothing to do with this, because we have unlimited access to clean water. I have to admit, we sometimes even waste water.

uj2However, now we know how hard it is for water to be distributed and obtained. We will appreciate having access to clean water more and be more aware of wasting water. No more washing money down the drain by us. How? To use water as effectively as possible when washing hands for example. Turn off the water when rubbing your hands with soap. When finished scrubbing, turn on the water again. What more can you think of my friends?

Weekend at Banjir Kanal Timur

Main visual web-1st post FBI’m Dwie Judha Satria but people used to call me Buyung. I work as an illustrator and also enjoy teaching.

Have you ever heard about Banjir Kanal Timur? It ‘s reservoirs and water catchment areas are deliberately constructed by the government of DKI Jakarta, initially to cope with floods that occurred in Jakarta. The artificial canal area of 207 square kilometers, functioned to collect water from the Ciliwung, Cipinang, Sunter, Buaran Kali, Kali Jati Kramat and Cakung.

I find that although the area traffic in weekdays is pretty annoying, it is really nice weekends. Many people doing sports, flying kite or just sitting around waiting for sunset. So wonderful isn’t it?

The canal or river that mostly known as ‘the back area’ before now with Banjir Kanal Timur clean condition, is becoming a front view for many Jakartans on weekends. Interesting right? Plus, I notice that the amount of trash being dumped is relatively small in that area, because people obviously are reluctant to make this beautifully clean area dirty again. It seemed that now people realize how good it is to have a clean environment in Jakarta.
Extra visual web-2nd post FB
Illustration by Dwie Judha Satria.

On the edge of Jakarta

Foto for YOU - Andi GunawanAndi Gunawan is a published writer and project manager. He likes to share his story in this poem he wrote for you.

On the edge of Jakarta

Apart of waste and arrogance
That seemed not even being less on weekends
Is there any love in the edge of Jakarta?

Apart of public parks and cheerfulness
That often being robbed by ignorance
Is there any love in the edge of Jakarta?

Apart of television and dream sellers
They serve empty plates in the dining room
Is there any love in the edge of Jakarta?

Apart of sweet promises and pouring rain
That will never stop flowing anxiety
Is there any love in the edge of Jakarta?

Jakarta, December 2015

Rain is expensive

adina 02IMG_0356_1Photo credit Indira Kifani

Today working mom Andina Septia, shares her story on Jakarta’ s traffic.
Hello, I’m Dina, a working mom who uses public transportation every day. I have to drive my car as far as 10 km to  get to the Train Station. On a good day it takes me 1,5 hours travel time from home to work. But longer to get home.
Are humans multiplying themselves when the sun sets? It’s so weird. Anyway, I think I get used to Jakarta’s traffic jam.
I learned to enjoy the time spent in the middle of polluted air and the noise. But I cannot get used to the many disadvantages I see when traveling home. I once witnessed a robbery right in front of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything. I was frozen and my breath stopped. All I could do was telling the misfortunate lady I was sorry her phone was stolen.
When it comes to raining season, everything is chaotic. You need to be prepared with the flood, or extra time to get home. Sometimes, the train signal can be broken; no trains to get you home. This happened to me so many times, you just get used to find another way to get you home safely. I tell you, it was never easy to get alternatives years ago. The only reasonable thing
–in terms of cost, is asking as many friends to get a taxi and pay collectively. But now, there are so many choices. Like, you can order Ojek with an app, or you can search someone in social media who willingly share their seats but we pay the toll and gas in exchange. And yes, you need extra budget for that. Sigh, rain is expensive.

Ms Tjiang sings her heart out

Video by Ms Tijang
Ariyanti Tjiang was born and lives in the North of Jakarta.
At the end of the year she experiences some kind of restlessness because it’s the beginning of the rainy season. As a north Jakartan, she is mentally ready to move fast and ready for the impending dangers of flood; from collecting food to keep during the flood, up to elevate the streets in front of the house. For those whose house is not high enough or it has no loft, just be prepare to evacuate. “I really love to turn my restlessness into a song rather than keep complaining about it.  This song is my way of talking to God as the creator and owner of this universe.”

Lyrics: A song for the Owner
The Owner of the air and the sky
Provide us with enough rain
But don’t be mad and angry to us
Heaven is a place on earth
Save (the world)..
Hang on…
AriTjiang#2 AriTjiang#1
Photo credit private material Ms Tijang

Jakarta Serendipities

Selatan Jakarta 2
Photo credit Ridzki Noviansyah
Ridzki Noviansyah is a photography practitioner, editor and freelance writer. He loves photography books and enjoys a good conversation.

The street as a public space, filled with people and the interaction between them, is one of the best places to practice photography. Especially, when that public place are Jakarta’s streets -where according to a friend- human’s civilization is put to test. As a photographer I often notice the smallest of details; ones that could provide me with little happiness as well. They call it serendipity; pleasant surprises or a series of incidents that happen coincidentally. I can understand people complain about Jakarta, however, I feel, regardless of the trouble we have, there are so many serendipitous moments that can make you happy. A blue sky, that appears randomly or the rain that destroys so many people’s planning. I like those serendipitous moments. I would wait for them to happen rather than chasing after them. It’ s like magic when it happens at the time you least expect it. It will temporarely make you forget that you’re living in Jakarta. A city full of problems like flood, social issues and wealth gaps.

Contact Ridzki at a.ridzki@gmail.com and follow his instagram at @ridzkiJakarta__June_2014. (3)

I Wangsit, I am a Northern kid

ilustrasi_utarakan-JakartaWangsit is an art director, toy collector, and a Batik and Japanese Pop Culture Enthusiast. He lives in Sunter, North Jakarta.
“I am Wangsit, I am a Northern kid. Words and perception shall not deter me from living and breathing. Perhaps the tall water will make me uneasy. That water came without warning. Often I start my day with friendly sunshine and I welcome the night with water as high as my ankles. I tried to sleep beneath my room’s ceiling, only to wake up in the morning, to peek through the window and to indeed find my friend; the tall water, already waiting for me. I am water, I am safe inside it. It lifts my weight, and it cleans me. However, this time, the water scares me. Water is what I carry on my shoulders and it destroys everything ahead of it. I am Wangsit, I am a Northern kid. I walked through the murky water full of floating particles so bizarre I don’t even want to know what they are. I walked towards my house, with the water splashing on my chest. I carry all my belongings high on my shoulder. I carried on because the comfort of my bed is waiting for me.
I am Wangsit, I am a Northern kid and I am part of Utarakan Jakarta.”

Video and illustration by Wangsit Firmantika.
Follow him in Instagram at @wangsitfirmantika.