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An Afternoon with Pak Sumari

Jembatan Inggris(1)I’m Nin, some people call me Nindy while some other call me Ninja. Not a ninja (yet?), but a kopi-writer – a part time (copy)writer and a full time kopi/coffee drinker. Last year I won the quiz exploring Old Town with Pak Sumari, bicycle tourguide. Since I’ve always enjoyed walking, history, and I’ve been following Pak Sumari’s stories; I’m so psyched to meet him in person!

Toko Merah(1)Before the D-day, I’d picked up a new habit of checking the weather forecast since it’d been raining heavily for the past week. It’s not that I hate rain – I love rain – but if it were showering like crazy, then surely walking around wouldn’t be as fun. Not to mention the possible cold that would follow after being soaked in the rain. Oh, and what if flood comes in the way?

Thankfully for my angsty head, the sky was clear and the sun was shining on that particular Saturday afternoon. Perhaps this is what they call fate, if things are meant to be, it shall be. The more the merrier, so I asked my best friend Dhika to join me. We met Pak Sumari outside Museum Fatahillah –the square was packed. It seemed that every thing the Jakarta streets had to offer came right then, right there.

There’s one problem though. I’m not sure if it’s a curse or simply I lack practice, but I can’t ride a bicycle! Thankfully, Pak Sumari was very kind enough to take me on his onthel. And I was so thankful Dhika could ride on his own bike to save us (me) from further embarrassment hahaha!

Photographs by Andhika Aditya & Nin Djani

That’s a lot of bottles!

The average monthly rainfall for Jakarta is 307 mm. That is roughly equivalent to pouring the contents of over 300 large mineral water bottles in one square meter per hour. Quite a lot of bottles, right?
Now, when the big floods happened in early February this year, the Kemayoran BMKG (the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency) station recorded an even higher amount of rainfall within the first 10 days of that month. How much was the recorded rainfall?

a. a little over 455 mm
b. a little over 588 mm
c. a little over 828 mm
d. a little over 1,000 mm


Did you have a guess about the amount of rainfall in Jakarta during the floods last February? The answer is:


The Kemayoran BMKG (the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency) station recorded 588 mm of rainfall within the first 10 days of that month. So that’s like pouring the contents of 588 large mineral water bottles over one square meter for an hour. Yes, that’s a lot of bottles! Try doing that and you’ll have sore arms for sure.

Quizztime; Win a day to remember

Photo credits in video: Sumari

Sumari will take you and your friend on a bicycle ride to remember. Departure from Taman Fatahillah, sitting comfortably on the back of his beautifull black bike he will show you around the sights and tell you some amazing stories. We have to warn you: Sumari is a great storyteller, your ears will be buzzing.
After this, he will drop you off at cafe Djakarté; ‘Cycling makes you hungry’ remember. Here you will be spoiled with nice food and drinks. A day to remember; a fun trip with Pak Sumari and lots of interesting stories that you never heard before.
Sounds fun? It’ s easy to win, just answer the question:

What is Pak Sumari’s favourite area in Kota Tua?
a. Petogogan
b. Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa
c. Pekojan
d. Tambora

You can find the answer on www.utarakanjakarta.com
Tell us before 10 December 2015. We will announce the winner on 11 December 2015 on Facebook and Twitter @utarakanjakarta

Are you in for a surprise?

Poll-Post#1-Answer-PhotoRemember our poll last week? We hope by now you are aware of some facts and figures about Jakarta is sinking. Overpopulation and deep ground water extraction are two main causes why Jakarta is sinking.
You can find the right answer in the drone video of the seawall in North Jakarta.
Just to freshen up your memory. How much do you think Jakarta sinks per year?
a. 2,5 -7,5 cm
b. 7,5 -25 cm
c. 25 -75 cm
We are pleased most of you answered b. This is the correct answer. However, what a shocking answer hey?
Can you imagine, with this sinking rate Firdaus Ali’s prediction of Semanggi at Sea is really going to happen. Unless we start to do something about it today.

Jakarta is Sinking Poll#1

Today we would like to know if you are aware about the fact that Jakarta is sinking. Overpopulation and deep ground water extraction are two main causes of it. In the video we are showing you the 40 year old seawall in North Jakarta, this seawall is sinking at the same rate. How much do you think Jakarta sinks per year?
a. 2,5 -7,5 cm
b. 7,5 -25 cm
c. 25 -75 cm
This fact is also the reason why Utarakan Jakarta project is being made; to raise awareness and inform.
To learn more about this project have a browse on this website. We will let you know the correct answer next week.