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Pollution can ruin your sambal…and my finance

by Lukman

IMG_6011Twice a day I check my nets in the bay. It’ s a half hour ride to my 2 nets. On average there are 1 or 2 fish in the nets.
Sometimes the nets are torn because of the plastic in it.
My daughter Serli likes to come because she likes the beautiful skies and the peace and quiet on the water.
Who loves sambal terasi with their meals? There’s nothing like sambal terasi and a plate of hot rice, right? Well, one of the things that makes that sambal taste so good is the rebon shrimp.
For a fisherman like me, the shrimp doesn’t just taste good, it sells good too. Each rebon harvest season can bring me up to a million rupiah a day. We used to be able to get four months of harvest in a year. And now we only have half a month. Half a month! Can you imagine? And that means less sambal terasi for you too!