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  1. What is Utarakan Jakarta?

    Utarakan Jakarta, Speak up (North) Jakarta is an awareness and information project about flooding in Jakarta. On Facebook so anybody with a mobile phone can participate.

  2. Why is it being made?

    To contribute raising awareness and inform on causes, consequences and solutions of flooding in Jakarta. To save Jakarta from drowning.

  3. Who is the person behind Utarakan Jakarta?

    The project is an initiative of independent media and communication expert Jan Heerkens and independent photographer Cynthia Boll. Both are Dutch and have done similar projects in South Africa, Afghanistan and the Netherlands. They work together with a team of freelance young creative Jakartans (see Founders section)

  4. Utarakan Jakarta being made for whom?

    The project is made for young urban social media users in Jakarta. They are the future.

  5. Who is funding Utarakan Jakarta?

    The project is mainly funded by ‘Innovation in Development Reporting Grant’ program of the European Journalism Centre (EJC), financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Dutch Foundations and companies such as DutchCulture, Witteveen + Bos, Deltares and Stichting Democratie en Media are co-funders. The exhibition at the Erasmus Huis is financed by the Dutch Embassy.

  6. Is Utarakan Jakarta related to the Giant Seawall?

    No. We are independent experts and not related to any government, organisation or company. Nobody tells us what to do or write.

  7. Why do all the people in the project live in the North Jakarta?

    We have selected people in North Jakarta because the threat of (permanent) flooding is most severe in this area. It is sinking the fastest, it is closest to the sea and will be the first area to be permanently inundated by the sea.

  8. Who can contribute on Utarakan Jakarta and how?

    Anybody: you, your friends, your family, colleagues, organisations, companies, anybody who feels to contribute. How?

     –  Share and tell people about this project

     –  Follow us on Facebook

     –  Participate on Twitter

     –  Contact us for more information on how more to contribute

  9. Is this project only available in Bahasa Indonesia?

    No. This project can also be followed in English on this website and on our English Facebook page www.facebook.com/thepeoplebehindtheseawall

  10. Why does when Pak Sumari said it’s flooding at Kota Tua, but it didn’t when I was there the last time?

    The stories of Pak Sumari, Pak Lukman, Ibu Sarmini and Alda are not written in real time. They were written and collected between November 2014 and August 2015.

  11. We are a different organization in Indonesia but has a similar vision, is there any way we can collaborate? How?

    Yes absolutely. Get in contact: email, Twitter or Facebook.

  12. How to get updates on this project?

    Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/utarakanjakarta for Bahasa Indonesia or www.facebook.com/thepeoplebehindtheseawall.com for English. Or on Twitter @utarakanjakarta.