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Strong Dyke, Stay Safe!

SarminiB02HR4307Who Basuki Rakhmat
Position Controlling Section Head
Organisation BPBD (Local Disaster Handling Body) DKI Jakarta

The idea of Exit Buildings for Pluit seemed suitable for the area, do you remember my post last week? However, Pluit isn`t the only area in North Jakarta that faces problem of sea water level, also Pantai Mutiara is worrying.

BPBD had a chance to visit Pantai Mutiara early this June when a dyke was perforated. It caused an impact to 4 blocks consisting 124 houses or around 50% of the area was flooded. The dyke construction wasn`t strong enough. Years ago the dyke was built in quite high level, but as time went by the sea water has also been rising. What happened less than a month ago was because the dyke couldn`t stand to hold the water anymore and it cracked!

Water has the power to push everything even when there`s just a little crack. What happened to Pantai Mutiara has reminded us that good dyke design doesn`t guarantee its strength if maintenance isn`t applied well. The sea next to Pantai Mutiara has high tide, so the dyke has to be watched carefully. Maintenance is crucial!

Of course, we don`t pray for sinking Jakarta, so please let your friends who live in Pantai Mutiara notice about this. Stay safe!

Weatherforecast: heavy rains

Rain in June? It could be not just in Sapardi’s poetry!Who Hary Tirto Djatmiko
Organisation BMKG (Badan Meteorologi,Klimatologi dan Geofisika) / Indonesia`s Non Departmental Government Organisation on Meteorology,Climatology and Geophysics.
Position Head of Public Relations Department
Highlights Lecturer at STMKG (Institute of Meteorology,Climatology & Geophysics); speaker for disaster risk reduction.

Have you heard the weather forecast? You don t know a reliable source? Don`t worry, BMKG has open 24-hour weather information service for you. Contact us! If you want to know the latest forecast.
You can call us (021) 6546315/18. Or you can also visit our website on http://web.meteo.bmkg.go.id or simply follow our Twitter @infobmkg.
You should be aware of heavy rain potential in all over Indonesia, including until 20th June 2016. The atmosphere condition has become unstable, we`ve also noticed that there might be potential disasters like flash flood, landslide or fallen tree on the road during the heavy rain.
If you keep yourself update and close with BMKG, you will always know such urgent information immediately. Follow us and be safe!

Exit Building, safe from floods

Who Basuki Rakhmat
Position Controlling Section Head
Organisation BPBD (Local Disaster Handling Body) DKI Jakarta

Familiar with Pluit, North Jakarta? Maybe you know the malls there very well. But have you ever been there when flood happens?

People in Pluit have experienced terrible floods. Due to its limited access roads, that area is one of the hardest to reach during disaster. And it`s hard to escape from too. Our standard evacuation in Pluit is by using boats evacuating stranded people from their houses.

However, we have a better idea – particularly for Pluit: Exit Buildings. It`s a designated medium rise building. Having nothing below with several upper storeys. This could be temporary evacuation area; a temporary homy shelter. This building has to be situated among people`s houses. Not just one building, but more if that is needed. Pluit residents can run to it and stay there until the water subsides. Or if the disaster lasts longer, at least, they will be in a safer and higher place than their own houses, while waiting for our rescue team to come. So, why not Exit Building? Let`s start thinking about making it!

Getting used to is a bad sign

Merasa terbiasa adalah pertanda burukWho Rosdiana Setyaningrum, Mpsi, MHPEd
Profession Clinical psychologist
Active in Diana&Associate, Heartsprings Therapy Center, Dzone Therapy Center
Education Psychology postgraduate from University of Indonesia, Attended postgraduate programme at School of Medical Education – University of New South Wales, Sydney

Trauma is an unusual event, it creates shock to our mind. A few years ago, Jakartans panicked facing flood. Causing traumatic moments until people decided to move to more secured areas. However, as flood kept occurring, Jakartans have got used to it, no more panick. Just like daily traffic jam, now floods are considered as part of their life.

In psychology, there`s an understanding that human has a capability of coping. In Jakarta: people don`t care anymore about traffic or flooding, they experience it too often. However, this is a bad sign. Ignorance towards what happens will impact to the future generation. The way they get used to flood or traffic jam is a sign that they don`t think longterm sustainably. For example: people know that living next to river is unhealthy, as they`re just so close to many diseases. They will always think of I get used to be here. They do not notice their babies are all around viruses as they grow up.

So, do you really want to feel fine all the time about flood and traffic jam? I hope that we haven`t lost our mind to give up.

Flood app, raised money for victims

IMG_1644 copyWho Fauzan Helmi Sudaryanto
Education Computer Science, University of Indonesia
Highlight Co-Founder of TemanJalan

The app Siaga Banjir (Flood Alert) is downloaded by more than 30,000 users in 2014 to 2015. Convenient for people with high mobility: flood notification service, based on location. Register, name of location and you will get updates per 1/3/6 or12 hours. If flood happened within a distance of 2,5 km from the chosen monitored location, people received a notification.
The service became a premium feature as an effort to collect funding for flood victims. 70% of the total amount obtained from the feature would be donated to Dompet Dhuafa. Users could send one-time payment of IDR 50,000 to monitor 1 location. Surprisingly in a single moment, we got total of IDR 4,261,477 collected and we gave the money to Dompet Dhuafa.
Monitoring as well as donating for flood victims, what a relieve!
IMG_4760 copy

Twitter’s Power of Now

twitter utarakan jakartaWho Agung Yudha
Company Twitter
Position Public Policy Manager @TwitterID

Remember the octopus function of Twitter? As social media goes viral, it definitely helps people to get information faster about disaster handling. Like Twitter, as a platform it is Live, Public, Conversational and Distributed. This makes it possible for users to share information directly at the exact moment and on the spot where something happens. How about Live and Public?

Live –Twitter has “the power of now”. Every time people post a tweet, their friends, followers or others can see the tweet in real time. Everything that happens you can see just by getting through Twitter. Like Jakarta`s flood updates.

Public – everyone -also without an account- can see any tweets or information on Twitter.

Accessing Twitter is easy, so don`t get trapped on flood just because you don`t know it!

Heavy rain and 4G

Who Yohanes Tutuko Wibowo
Profession Corporate IT Executive, PT Satya Langgeng Sentosa
Experience Handling IT system for aviation industry throughout Asia

We live in a technological world. However, you can`t obtain information fast without any IT involved. Just like when heavy rain and flood happen, we can still use internet. Why?

There two network infrastructure concepts: wired and wireless. During rain, wired system isn`t affected because of its optic is protected by the cable. Fiber optic cable that is waterproof such as the submarine one.

The wireless system is spread through signal wave. The same like dust. The heavier the rain, the more signal falls down to ground and becomes neutral. The signal of 4G is even stronger when it rains. You did not know this, did you? Next time I will share with how IT can help all of us with flooding.