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Getting used to is a bad sign

Merasa terbiasa adalah pertanda burukWho Rosdiana Setyaningrum, Mpsi, MHPEd
Profession Clinical psychologist
Active in Diana&Associate, Heartsprings Therapy Center, Dzone Therapy Center
Education Psychology postgraduate from University of Indonesia, Attended postgraduate programme at School of Medical Education – University of New South Wales, Sydney

Trauma is an unusual event, it creates shock to our mind. A few years ago, Jakartans panicked facing flood. Causing traumatic moments until people decided to move to more secured areas. However, as flood kept occurring, Jakartans have got used to it, no more panick. Just like daily traffic jam, now floods are considered as part of their life.

In psychology, there`s an understanding that human has a capability of coping. In Jakarta: people don`t care anymore about traffic or flooding, they experience it too often. However, this is a bad sign. Ignorance towards what happens will impact to the future generation. The way they get used to flood or traffic jam is a sign that they don`t think longterm sustainably. For example: people know that living next to river is unhealthy, as they`re just so close to many diseases. They will always think of I get used to be here. They do not notice their babies are all around viruses as they grow up.

So, do you really want to feel fine all the time about flood and traffic jam? I hope that we haven`t lost our mind to give up.

Flood app, raised money for victims

IMG_1644 copyWho Fauzan Helmi Sudaryanto
Education Computer Science, University of Indonesia
Highlight Co-Founder of TemanJalan

The app Siaga Banjir (Flood Alert) is downloaded by more than 30,000 users in 2014 to 2015. Convenient for people with high mobility: flood notification service, based on location. Register, name of location and you will get updates per 1/3/6 or12 hours. If flood happened within a distance of 2,5 km from the chosen monitored location, people received a notification.
The service became a premium feature as an effort to collect funding for flood victims. 70% of the total amount obtained from the feature would be donated to Dompet Dhuafa. Users could send one-time payment of IDR 50,000 to monitor 1 location. Surprisingly in a single moment, we got total of IDR 4,261,477 collected and we gave the money to Dompet Dhuafa.
Monitoring as well as donating for flood victims, what a relieve!
IMG_4760 copy

I am a doctor and victim of floods

http://www.utarakanjakarta.com/id/saya-seorang-dokter-dan-korban-banjir/Who Dr. D. Mahdalena Bama S.
Occupation General practitioner
Education Medical graduate from Universitas Kristen Indonesia (Christian University of Indonesia)
Highlight Disaster relief experience

It`s impressive to see that most people, who regularly got their houses flooded, have stronger body immunity as they`ve embodied it often. No wonder if they feel fine when flood comes again and again. But it`s different story for the first-time ones, they can get sick easily.
Flood brings a lot of bacteria. Diseases like diarrhea, dengue fever, typhus and even chikungunya welcome you during the disaster. But don`t worry! It`s simple to stay healthy. First, wash your hands with antiseptic soap. It`s important because disease in flood condition is possible to get into your body through food that you eat. So, your hands should be clean . Then, try to consume supplement to keep your body fit.
If you have no choice but to stay temporarily in refugees camp, there are two ways to keep healthy: eat and take a rest. I know that food and facility in the camp might not always be on your taste and standard, but it`s not a time to be choosy on food. Eat and rest! They`re the only ways to maintain your immunity.
My suggestion sounds simple but I know it works. Growing up in North Jakarta where my house has been flooded. I am a doctor and a victim too. So, I don`t bluff!http://www.utarakanjakarta.com/id/saya-seorang-dokter-dan-korban-banjir/

I Have Acted, How About You?

yu_sing_lim_recycle1Who Yu Sing Lim
Profession Architect
Associated with Studio Akanoma
Highlight Famous with the idea of environmentally friendly-low budget house building

You might realise of how massive buildings development leads to less land for absorption, whereby flood occurs. Don`t get it wrong when you know that I`m an architect who designs buildings, yes I do, but I don`t want anymore flood as well. So, that`s why my work so far has been creating solution for buildings.

With my colleagues in Studio Akanoma, we create ways to restore the water for urban houses like in Jakarta. The houses need a grass rooftop, where the rainwater is saved on patch, filtered and some is re-filtered to be drinkable. If there`s little land space in the houses, we can harvest the rainwater to be used in order to reduce the use of groundwater. Remember that using groundwater too much without enough water conservation is one cause of land subsidence.
I love to create buildings and houses, but I also need to make them environmentally friendly. So, within densely populated Jakarta, I will always give suggestions to design a building with green space and maximum absorption spots.
That`s my action, how about YOU?

Wanted: Opinionated experts

Visual - Looking for expertWhile North Jakarta is on the verge of drowning and the lives of thousands are at stake, the debates and critique is ongoing. Just to name a few; reclamation, eviction and the Giant Seawall project.
So many talks, yet not one single clear direction what to do.
How about the people in North Jakarta? Do they have to wait until they are all literally washed away by the water? There must be found a solution before it’s too late.
Utarakan Jakarta is looking for experts on water, environment, history, architecture and other relevant fields related with this threat to participate with our awareness and information campaign.
Speak up and contact us on utarakanjakarta@gmail.com today.