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Quote of the day

Who: Mr Bambang Surya Putra
Occupation: Head of Controlling and information
Company: BPBD (Local Disaster Handling Body) DKI Jakarta
Location: Jakarta

“If nothing is done Kota Tua will be the next Atlantis,
it will be Kota underwater”

– Pak Bambang, Head of Controlling and information BPBD –


The myth of flooding

NGINHR07_IMG_5381Who: Mr Bambang Surya Putra
Occupation: Head of Controlling and information
Company: BPBD (Local Disaster Handling Body) DKI Jakarta
Location: Jakarta

Two weeks ago I spoke to you BPBD s motto “`Jakarta`s Adversity in Facing Disaster” and increasing rain. Well this week I would like to continue on that: I know that many Jakartans believe that the city has a periodical flood in every 5 years. That is a myth. Flood is every single year in Jakarta and in certain years it is even heavier.
The government has done a number of efforts to stop and control the flooding. These are mostly structural approaches through physical building; like elevating dikes and making water reservoirs to create an absorption well, in order to help the rainwater absorp into the soil. See it as spare rain for the dry season.
We at BPBD have provided rescue teams, disaster emergency posts and water pumps as measurements to handle floods. However, flood occurs anytime – sometimes it can`t be avoided – and reaching flooded areas is not that easy as you can imagine. That is why it is important Jakarta’ s residents have to be prepared and independent. They have to know what to do when the water comes.

Jakarta has 638 sub-districts that are flooding areas. BPBD can make a contingency plan; such a plan is to overcome access limitation before the rescue teams can arrive in the flooded areas.
When there is flood: save yourself and your family, follow the routes and signs. There are evacuation routes and signs provided in your area. Be prepared and know where to go, so no more people have to get hurt or drown. So far we have reached 60 districts out of 125 districts that are in risk of floods. We have allready a lot accomplished, though, still a lot of things need to be done.
We encourage you to contact and talk to us on @bpbdjakarta we cannot do it without the contribution of you.

Do you like my wellies?

Pak Bambang BPBD
Photo credit: private material Bambang

Organisation:  BPBD (Local Disaster Handling Body) for DKI
Founded:  1945
Objective:  increasing handling capability for Jakartans in facing disaster
Results & targets:  to have agents of change in every sub-districts (kelurahan) where flood often occurs, to educate the people how to handle a flooding situation.

Who is the man standing in the middle of the water? Meet Mr Bambang Surya Putra, in the flooding season rain boots are part of his daily outfit. He is the Head of Controlling and information BPBD DKI Jakarta. “The history of Jakarta and floods is long, everybody knows that. Is it getting worse? Yes. One of the causes is because of the rain. In the past 10 years, the duration of showers is shorter but the rainfall is heavier. For instance, in January 2015, we measured 350 mm per day in Jakarta. However, Jakarta`s drainage capacity is only 60 mm per day in average. With such huge difference, no wonder during heavy rains the water cannot go anywhere else, but flood into the streets. This is a risk that is inevitably faced by Jakartans. “`Jakarta`s Adversity in Facing Disaster` is our motto. At BPBD we like to prevent disaster, but sometimes we can’t and we have to act. Information technology is important for us at BPBD. In case disaster strikes, or there is the threat of floods we use social media like our Twitter account @bpbdjakarta. We inform the authorities and public. But we need their information too, that’s why we encourage the citizens of Jakarta to inform us on @bpbdjakarta”IMG_5222_1