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Twitter’s Power of Now

twitter utarakan jakartaWho Agung Yudha
Company Twitter
Position Public Policy Manager @TwitterID

Remember the octopus function of Twitter? As social media goes viral, it definitely helps people to get information faster about disaster handling. Like Twitter, as a platform it is Live, Public, Conversational and Distributed. This makes it possible for users to share information directly at the exact moment and on the spot where something happens. How about Live and Public?

Live –Twitter has “the power of now”. Every time people post a tweet, their friends, followers or others can see the tweet in real time. Everything that happens you can see just by getting through Twitter. Like Jakarta`s flood updates.

Public – everyone -also without an account- can see any tweets or information on Twitter.

Accessing Twitter is easy, so don`t get trapped on flood just because you don`t know it!

Heavy rain and 4G

Who Yohanes Tutuko Wibowo
Profession Corporate IT Executive, PT Satya Langgeng Sentosa
Experience Handling IT system for aviation industry throughout Asia

We live in a technological world. However, you can`t obtain information fast without any IT involved. Just like when heavy rain and flood happen, we can still use internet. Why?

There two network infrastructure concepts: wired and wireless. During rain, wired system isn`t affected because of its optic is protected by the cable. Fiber optic cable that is waterproof such as the submarine one.

The wireless system is spread through signal wave. The same like dust. The heavier the rain, the more signal falls down to ground and becomes neutral. The signal of 4G is even stronger when it rains. You did not know this, did you? Next time I will share with how IT can help all of us with flooding.

Watermanagement is a serious challenge!

Sarawendro Post#2Who Sawarendro
Position/Company Deputy Representative & Project Manager/Witteveen+Bos
Expertise Water infrastructure
Organization ILWI / Indonesian Land Reclamation & Water Management (Chairman)

Water management is a serious and challenging task, so we need a mission! –  I mentioned this in my last post. Hello, it`s me Sawarendro again. There is one mission that I would like to share with you: the reclamation. Have you heard about it?
If yes, do you understand it positively or negatively? Some would say that reclamation leads to land subsidence, but actually it depends on how we control the process of making it. If the supporting data to do reclamation has proven that it is possible;
we better not depend on hypothesis. Reclamation is neutral with positive and negative sides. The understanding is simple.
Like the food that we eat; right portion, balanced nutrients and the right time of eating will influence good results in our body.

One reclamation project that my colleagues and I have executed is Kapuk Naga Indah in North Jakarta. This is part of Jakarta`s bay 17 islands reclamation in scope of 5,100 hectares. Pros and cons have occurred but there have been fixed legal process and long discussions since 1995; today we can run it. Reclamation is a choice as Jakarta is getting full; more inhabitants who need more space to live and work. Development to East and West side of the city is no more an option, as Bekasi and Tangerang are densely populated now. If the development has to be to the South part, Depok and Bogor can`t be conservation areas anymore, which is not good. Development to the North part of Jakarta is the most logical one and partly implement this to the sea should be fine. Japan, Korea, Singapore and the Netherlands have done reclamation and they are just doing great. So far, ecology and reclamation seem like two separated things; they are not! Reclamation even helps to support better environment condition. However, providing it has to be well-monitored and there will be the right formulation to minimize the impact.Sarawendro Post#1

Rooftops should be green

IMG_3379Who Yu Sing Lim
Profession Architect
Associated with Studio Akanoma
Highlight Famous with the idea of environmentally friendly-low budget house building

“An architect also gets involved on flood, I mentioned this in my last post. I advise on how to reduce flood in our living environment.
I was interested reading a post from hydrogeologist Fatchy Muhammad on water restoration.
I agree with his idea of restoring water!
In studio Akanoma we also make several different applications that support such idea of restoring the water. We like to suggest our clients on what to do. If you now look at the rooftops in Jakarta they are all grey. This needs to change.
Firstly, we advise to create a grass rooftop; where the rainwater is collected on a patch, filtered and some can be directly re-filtered to be drinkable. Other houses are constructed in a stage house concept; the foundations and columns are the only things that cover the soil. Thus, it can cope more rainwater absorption. Mini forest is a solution as well; by planting as many trees as possible in a green space. Trees and their roots also help to absorb water and keep the stock of groundwater. What Fatchy Muhammad mentioned;  infiltration wells and biopores are also two ideas that I implement on my projects.
So, if you want to start reducing flood, solutions are basically there.
Let`s ACT!”

Floods, the price of concrete

IMG_2463aWho Yu Sing Lim
Profession Architect
Associated Studio Akanoma
Highlight Famous with the idea of environmentally friendly-low budget house building

“You might not think that an architect like me gets involved into flood problems, but I do and even deal with a lot of problems related!
In the simplest understanding, the more buildings are created, there would be more land and soil that are covered up; so, water will find itself harder to get into the soil. Harder absorption, so flood occurs.
My job is to create buildings and houses, but I also need to think on how to make it environmentally friendly. So, within densely populated Jakarta, I like to give suggestions to my clients to design a building with green space and a maximum absorption spots. I also advise them to manage sewage in our own land, even we can harvest rain water to be used in order to reduce the use of ground water. Ground water use in massive scale without enough implementation water conservation is one cause of land subsidence.
I still want to be an architect, but I don`t want anymore flood as well.
So, I contribute to give building solutions.”IMG_3331a

Reversed aquarium


Who Victor Coenen
Occupation project manager NCICD
Company Witteveen + Bos
Location Jakarta

“Lots of mini sea wall scatters the shoreline, precariously keeping Jakarta safe from rising sea levels. The best analogy I can give for the state of flooding in Jakarta is that of a reversed aquarium” Victor Coenen project manager of NCICD explains.
“North Jakarta is sinking, becoming like a bowl, we are building walls to stop the water from flowing in. The people are on the inside looking out. Keeping this metropolitan bowl with its 4 million residents safe is a real challenge.”

“A defense system of retention ponds, pumps and sea walls is the only option for Jakarta as it continues to sink below sea level. it’s just a question of where you want the infrastructure, whether you want it on-shore, or off-shore.
We are in favor of off-shore as you are free of all the complications of the urban environment, you are free to build however you want, plus there is more evacuation time if something does go wrong.”