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The Old Days

by Alda

IMG_0901I love it when my grandmother Halimah tells stories about the old days.
She tells me that there was a famous amusement park called Otorita, where a big mall is now. People used to come there to relax. Couples would have dates there, families would bring their kids. You only had to pay Rp 50 per person, and unlike a mall, you don’t have to buy or eat anything.
Famous musicians such as Rhoma Irama and Elvi Sukaesih have performed there, and there was a crocodile park, where people would watch the crocodiles being fed. She is a genuine local, so she knows about these things. Have you ever been to my neighborhood? I live next to the Maritime Museum and my nan in Muara Baru. There are a lot of historic buildings, I live in one of them. My dream is to have our neighbourhoods as pretty as it used to be. Then my children can enjoy it like my granny did.