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Evictions: we will find a place

by Alda

My grandmother Halimah has been moving all over Jakarta. It is not that she likes to move from one place to the other.
We had to move because the government made us pack our things. Her mother was born in this area, in Gedong Panjang.
Her family was evicted during the Soeharto era. She remembers her father was only given a piece of land somewhere far away, perhaps in Cengkareng, when he was evicted. He didn’t have enough money to build a house, and he had so many children.
He ended up renting in Gang Kelinci, across from here, not the famous Gang Kelinci in Pasar Baru. The family got evicted so many times but always remained in the same area. I have only moved 2 times in my life. So I am a happy girl.